Scott Lively intends to remove Governor Baker from the State House in the September primary elections

By Luis Bravo

Scott Lively is a lawyer and conservative pastor of Spring–field, who has created a
hate group thanks to his activism against homosexuals and will run as a
Republican in the contest for the governorship of Massachusetts in the next
Republican primary elections of September, looking to take over the chair now
occupied by Governor Charlie Baker.

Lively, who previously ran as an independent against Baker in the 2014 election,
said Baker’s work has inspired him to return to the political contest.
“Bring the biblical values back to the political arena. These are the same values
that still define the bases of the Republican Party, “Lively said in an interview with
the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Lively has described Baker as “a Republican by name only” because he maintains
that he has harmed conservative values; who has legislated as a democrat in
favor of abortion; and has looted the treasury of the Republican Party to wage a
war against the Conservatives. In addition, he argued that Baker has presided
over a considerable decline in the Republican inscriptions, aimed at transforming
the Great Old Party (GOP) for his personal interests within his corrupt clientelism
and cronyism that will represent less than 10% of the electorate for the year

“Someone has to stop Charles Baker before he completely destroys the
Republican Party and its base of conservative principles that is the only real hope
for Massachusetts to restore its previous strength and health,” he said in a
statement. “I think that person is Scott Lively.”
Lively runs the church “Redemption Gate Mission Society” in charge of re
Christianizing the people of Springfield first of all, and owns the “Holy Grounds
Coffee House” where free coffee is served and conversations about Christianity
are offered to the teenagers who visit the place.

In 2012, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit against the pastor for
“Crimes Against Humanity” on behalf of the Ugandan Sexual Minorities when he
promoted the idea that the country should repress its homosexual population for
being rapists and pedophiles and deny homosexuals their rights to a human
identity in Uganda.

The suit was dismissed in 2017, by Massachusetts Federal Judge Michael A.
Ponsor, who criticized Lively’s actions in his opinion. “The question before the
court is not whether the Respondent’s actions to … demonize, intimidate and
injure LGBT people in Uganda constitute violations of international law. Because
they are.” Ponsor dismissed the case against Lively, ruling that he lacked the
jurisdiction to proceed in a US court.

However, the judge noted in his 25-page decision, that he found Lively’s views on
LGBT issues ranging from “the ridiculous to the abhorrent” and that “crazy
fanaticism could be dismissed as pathetic, except for the terrible damage that it
could cause”.

Lively appealed the judge’s decision, claiming that Ponsor’s opinion be removed
from his ruling. Although Lively’s attorney argued that the judge “improperly
soiled his order with a prolonged violent speech against Lively, badly distorting his
Christian vision and activism.” The case is before the United States Court of
Appeals in Boston.

News of Lively’s decision to enter the race for governor of Massachusetts was
criticized by the Campaign for Human Rights, which described its Republican
values as “hate.”

“He is one of the most notorious exporters in the United States of dangerous
ideologies around the world, and is determined to drag Massachusetts along the
same path,” said JoDee Winterhof, Senior Vice President of Policy and Political
Affairs of the Campaign for Human Rights. (Human Rights Campaign – HRC), in a
statement. “Lively’s hate and fear policy does not represent the people of

Lively is the co-author of a book that claims that homosexuals were behind the
Nazi Holocaust (even though homosexuals were targeted by the Nazis) because
gay men ran the Nazi Party. Historians have discredited the claims of his 1995
book “The Pink Swastika.”

He got into politics in the 1980s because he felt a call to protest against abortion.
“Abortion is the intentional death of a living human being and must be
criminalized,” he wrote on his website.

Lively is also in favor of weapons. “The more weapons that exist in the hands of
responsible citizens, the more secure and controlled we will have all criminals of
any kind, whether foreign or national, who seek to subjugate us,” he said on his

Lively is also in favor of President Trump, according to what he said in his speech
at the Republican convention.
Fortunately, Lively is not the only candidate seeking to remove Baker from the
State House, who announced that he will seek his re-election in November.

The other candidates are: Setti Warren, Mayor of Newton; Jay González, former
CEO of CeltiCare Health Insurance and Budget Chief of former Governor Deval
Patrick; and Robert K. Massie, an environmentalist and entrepreneur, who has
introduced himself as Democrats for this year’s elections.

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