Eversource: “The public doesn’t understand the hazards of our electrical system” – Peter Neary, Eversource Energy Adminstrator –

Last Monday, June 5, television news reporter Ann Nyberg-News Anchor of the WTNH TV Channel reported from Norwalk, Conn., about the public announcement made by utility company Eversource Energy to demonstrate with live activities how dangerous high voltage cables are.

Eversource used several objects to make viewers understand how easy it is to cause electrocution and fire accidents.

Below we present the text of the news report: “Eversource’s safety team suited up and gave a demonstration in Norwalk. The crew showed how various items acted once they came into contact with the electric delivery system. The demonstration showed there can be disastrous results if first responders aren’t careful.

A tree branch can catch fire once it contacts 7,600 volts of electricity. When a Mylar balloon touches wires, it goes up in flames immediately. Aluminum ladders can cause fires as well once they come into contact with a live wire.

In fact, squirrels have been known to cause many electrical outages as well when their tails touch live wires. ‘The public doesn’t understand the hazards of our electrical system,’ said Eversource Energy Adminstrator Peter Neary. ‘…we spend a lot of time with first responders and we have first responders here today so that they understand the hazards and know how they can give us information and they can make the scene safe until our linemen can get there and make repairs.’

First responders keep the public away from live wires, and that in itself keeps many lives safe.

For more information on high voltage wire safety, please visit Eversource’s website at https://www. eversource.com/Content/ct-c”.

From El Heraldo Latino we ask ourselves: What would happen if there were an accident with two 115,000-volt high voltage cables that Eversource wants to place under the feet of the East Eagle Street neighborhood, knowing that a few feet away are the gas tanks for Logan Airport’s aircraft?

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